Posted by: forbygrace | October 21, 2008

Revival Conference

Kayla and I had the opportunity to go to the Revival Conference in Atlanta this past Wednesday evening and hear brother Paul Washer speak. His message was one that I believe desperately needs to be heard by the church today–especially here in America.

Brother Washer spells out plainly and unapologetically 10 indictments against the modern church in America. The context is that we need revival!

  1. A practical denial of the sufficiency of scripture. The rise of the social sciences has led to a underemphasis of scripture in the church. This has given rise to the “self-esteem” movement spilling over into churches–even though we are clearly told to esteem God, not self.
  2. Failure to address man’s malady–that he is a sinner and has no hope in the flesh. The cross must be preached against the backdrop of human depravity–we are thieves if we do not speak about sin.
  3. Ignorance of the gospel within the church.
  4. Ignorance of regeneration–it is His work, not a human decision.
  5. Unbiblical gospel invitation. It is not that God has a wonderful plan for your life, the question is do you want to turn from sin. It’s not do you want to go to heaven, it’s do you want God. We have no authority to tell a man he’s saved–we point to God’s word and let the word convince him.
  6. Ignorance over the nature of the church. Christ died for the church–the church is the remnant.
  7. Lack of loving compassionate church discipline–it’s commanded.
  8. Silence on separation–the need to be holy. The Spirit will make us holy and if we are not, as believers, God will discipline us. If we are unholy and are not disciplined we are not His children.
  9. Psychology and sociology has replaced a biblical idea of the family. The family must be set according to scripture. Man must love his family and wife in the context of scripture. We obey all of scripture–we don’t sacrifice our family responsibility for ministry.
  10. Lack of discipline. The Lord’s work is hard and will cost you–you must be disciplined in all you do.

You can listen to this message here.

Let me say, look at what’s happening in the world, read the news, look in your own neighborhood and work–the world is getting worse, not better. The bible tells us it will happen and it is happening now. The church is to be salt and light in a wicked world. Pray that God would send biblical revival to His church–that men would stand up and be counted as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.


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